22K Gold Indian Hath PunjaHere in the United States, we commonly find gold jewelry in 10K, 14K, and 18K gold. But high Karat gold is popular around the world and can be found in jewelry, coins and bullion. This article is about what high karat gold is, where it comes from and how to sell it for the most money.

What is High Karat Gold Jewelry?

24 Karat (Pure) Gold would be too soft to craft jewelry that could withstand daily use. So, even high karat gold is created as an alloy with other metals to strengthen it. The purity of gold in the alloy is represented by a number that illustrates the percentage of pure gold. For example: if 24K gold is .999 Pure, then 22K Gold is .916 pure. High Karat gold is used as quality jewelry to wear everyday, or for Special occasions such as weddings or religious events. High Karat gold jewelry is also an excellent investment and monetary instrument. It is easy to sell 22k karat jewelry for a high price because of the high gold content. 22K jewelry is often given as a traditional bridal dowry, or as a family wedding gift.

Carat Weight Conversions:

Pure gold (24K)     = .999 fine

22K         = .916

18K        = .750

14K        = .585

10K        = .417

Antique 22k Gold Diamond Ring

Where is 22k Jewelry from?

22k Gold Jewelry is commonly found in India, Indonesia, Thailand, China & Hong Kong, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern countries. It has been used since ancient times, and is still crafted into wonderful modern pieces today. Sometimes it is set with natural diamonds, rubies, pearls and other gemstones. Much of the ancient jewelry and coins from Greece, Egypt, and Persia Is made of very high Karat gold, and some as high as 95%

22 Karat Gold coins:

22k gold has been the standard for many gold coins throughout history. Often when a gold coin is struck it is with a gold fineness of .916, and although the coins are referred to as a “One Ounce Gold” the net weight of the coin is over one troy ounce. However, there is a net gold amount of one ounce pure gold in each coin.

Examples of 22k gold coins:

  • American Gold Eagles
  • Some Early American Gold Coins
  • South Africa Gold Krugerrand
  • British Gold Sovereign

How to Identify and test High Karat Gold

916 22k gold hallmarksThe easiest way to identify 22k gold is with an obvious hallmark. Common marks are 22K or .916, and sometimes include the goldsmith or company that made the piece. 22K gold usually has a bright, strong yellow color. Much of the gold made in India does not bear a gold purity hallmark and should be properly tested. This changed with the BIS Hallmark for gold  in 2000, and Silver in 2005. There are lots of potential pitfalls with high karat gold, and it is important to make sure that it is tested by a professional. The most common form of test is with calibrated gold acids and a touchstone. But some gold buyers use a new technology called x-ray fluorescence. These machines can test the purity of gold using XRF Technology and they are very accurate. I have seen examples of heavy plating, lead cores, and false hallmarks. If you are buying 22k gold jewelry, make sure that you are buying it from a reputable seller.

What is my 22k gold worth?

22k Gold Burmese EarringsThe beauty of 22k Jewelry lies in the vibrant yellow and wonderful design. Older pieces and desirable designers will sell for much more than the gold value. But is it scrap gold? Unless the pieces are damaged or broken, then high Karat gold shouldn’t be melted or refined. A good piece of gold jewelry can be worth many times more than melt value. When it’s time to sell, I am happy to help evaluate your jewelry collection and help you find the value. More information about the value of you gold can be found here

Where can I sell my high Karat gold jewelry?

India 22k Ruby and Gold Hindu RingWhen you are ready to sell your 22k jewelry, find a professional. A trustworthy and reputable broker or buyer should have a brick and mortar location with ties to the community. Read reviews and do your homework to find the best gold buyer in your area. You also owe it to yourself to get multiple quotes. The difference between gold buyers in your area can vary quite a bit. Make sure the transaction is transparent. Get an itemized receipt and good payment by bank or business check.